Hardware Hacking Courses 2019
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- Learn how to get root via JTAG on Embedded linux devices
- Sniff data from system buses and decode them using logic analysers
- Manipulate program values directly in device memory to affect execution
- Identify and test likely UART, JTAG, SPI etc pins/test pads/ports etc
- Learn and apply a proven methodology for analysing new boards
- Look at mitigation strategies to reduce harware attack success

This is a UK based, 2 day full on pratical course that requires no soldering
This course is designed to teach students a proven methodology for
identifying and exploiting embedded system hardware interfaces such as UART,
SPI, I2C and JTAG and the services behind them.
Students will also explore mitigation strategies to prevent the above attacks being successful.
Run in the UK in our Central London training rooms.
No soldering skill required!
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